Message from Helga Schneider

We have kept in touch with Helga throughout our fundraising, filming and post production and will continue to do so. She has become a great friend to us all and we always want her to know that her story is in safe hands:

Dear Polly, Lizzie and the Let Me Go Team,

I reiterate how happy I am to have met you and to have you in my life beginning with Polly, who has fought for many years to realise the film of my book “Let me go”. Besides, I had no doubt after having met you all personally in my home, that I shared a project with an exceptional team from every point of view.
I have you in my heart, and I cherish the hope that our film will carry the message we want, that it will be a warning against dictatorship, war, ethnic and national fanaticism and especially focusing on the harm suffered by young people because of social harm, and psychological trauma which often lasts for several generations in a disastrous domino effect.
Please as always keep me up to date on the progress of the film
. I greet you with affection and respect – and Toi toi toi!

 Helga Schneider

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