Letter from Helga Schneider December 2015

To all our friends, thank you for your support this year and for helping to launch our film. 2016 is going to be an exciting year! We wanted to share this generous letter from Helga Schneider whose memoir provides the foundation for the screenplay. It is translated from Italian. Happy New Year to you all.

Dearest Let Me Go Team,

In a world that can often seem lazy, selfish and indifferent to others, I read instead that the excellent crew and cast of Let Me Go are making the film with motivation and belief in the importance of my story. I am really very impressed and moved. This unique demonstration of generosity and empathy gives me an incredible sense of energy, and at the same time heart-felt gratitude. This film is enriching my life with a new purpose, together with the hope that the warning in my story is strong enough to be felt and perceived by young people, who are increasingly influenced by social media and technology dominating their existence.

Your enthusiasm and determined commitment together with the new team, will give this film the successful cultural and especially human hope that perhaps – really – we deserve.

Thank you all truly from the bottom of my heart.

With my warm and affectionate greetings!

Helga Schneider.

Bologna, December 2015.

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