L-R: Singer Lou Rhodes, Nick Moorbath (Evolution Recording Studios) and Philip Selway having just recorded part of the Let Me Go soundtrack.

We are honoured to have world-renowned drummer, PHILIP SELWAY from RADIOHEAD as our Music Composer for Let Me Go.

Drummer, solo singer, and songwriter, in 2014 jointly composed and performed music for a Merce Cunningham Event for Rambert Dance Company at South Bank.

In addition to recording and touring with Radiohead he has released two solo albums and has worked with the Samaritans since 1991

Welcome encouragement early on from Philip:

Dear Lizzie and Polly,
Thank you so much for inviting me to be involved in the music for “Let Me Go”. It’s going to be an incredibly powerful piece and has set my mind racing down many musical paths already. I’m excited about the chance of working with you both. I’ll get on with my fact finding ahead of January, in the meantime.

I’ve started reading the script and it’s playing out like a film in my head – must be a good sign. Feeling really drawn to the characters of Helga, Beth and Emily and the sparks of irritation and love that fly between them. I’m really enjoying the humour as well which acts as a good foil to the darkness you know is coming.

Looking forward to talking to you more about all of this, so speak soon.