Feedback for Let Me Go

Steven Hess, WhiteCap Principal Ventures
You never ‘let go’ and just see where you are now.  Thank you for sharing your very special film this evening.
Love what you’ve made and the way you got there.

Francine Heywood, Producer, Sons of Cuba
Wow. Just Wow.  Thank you so much for inviting me – I knew the story was powerful but seeing it on the big screen made it even more so – you should all be so incredibly proud of having brought it to life.

Francie Clarkson, Film-funding Event Host
Wow. What an amazing film. Thank you so much for inviting us to be there last night. It was utterly brilliant. I loved it and am looking forward to seeing it fly and reach the massive audience it deserves.

Simona Barbieri, Founder, CEO Hub Dot, Women’s forum
You managed to turn such a cosmic trauma into something we can all personally relate to… 

Claudia Merhej, Programming Co-ordinator, WOW Festival, Southbank
Huge thanks for the invitation to the film – it was such an extraordinary story, beautifully shot and scripted and a very interesting perspective on the aftermath of the Second World War. Karin and Juliet Stevenson’s scenes in particular were so powerful.  Congratulations.

Judy Underhill, audience member
It was a wonderful, memorable and really moving evening.    I hope the film gets seen by many, many people and they are as moved as I am and this turbulent world will become a world with more deep love and mercy and an understanding about family / generational trauma.

Adriaane Pielou, Journalist
I love this film.  It is engrossing on so many levels and the Swedish actress Karin Bertling’s
performance as the unrepentant mother is so devastating it would surely merit an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

I just wanted to say again thank you for last night and to congratulate you both on a job very well done in bringing the film this far. Any apprehension was blown away after the first few frames and notes of Philip’s score. It is beautiful, brilliantly acted, and a very moving and ultimately uplifting film – and on that budget?!  Let’s hope the distributors agree because people need and, if they have a chance, will want to see this film. Well done to everyone.

I am writing to say how much I enjoyed the first screening of Let Me Go on Monday.  The film was beautifully presented and there were some stunning performances – in particular Karin was outstanding.  She portrayed a figure who personified evil yet at the same time had human qualities (such as sensitivity). Yet the film is colourful, about real life, modern people and in particular how their lives can reflect their past and how they can come to terms with this. I believe it is actually very accessible to a wide market.

Dan Johnson, Senior Re-Recording Mixer, Molinare TV & Film.
I just wanted to say many thanks for the invitation to the screening yesterday and what a pleasure and a privilege it has been to be involved in your amazing film. Watching yesterday, with the benefit of a few weeks since the mix at Molinare, I was struck by what a fantastic achievement it is. The subject matter is so delicate and serious that the performances and direction have to be completely spot-on. One false move and the film won’t work so it is a real testament to your work that it succeeds so well.  I wish you both, and the film, the very best of luck in the future – I hope it gets the large audience it deserves.

Lou Rhodes, Singer
I wanted to say how utterly blown away I was by both the film and soundtrack. The camerawork was breathtaking; so many stills could have been stand-alone works of art and the music worked so beautifully with the emotional palette of the story.  Thank you so much for involving me. I’m totally honoured to be a part of it.

Sas Allardice, Archivist Press

It must be two weeks since I came to see Let me Go and I have to tell you that it is still resonating really strongly in my mind.  I thought it was wonderful, I was crying at the end.  The music was fantastic, I don’t often notice the music in films and more often than not background noise irritates me but this was different it truly enhanced the film.  The other thing that struck me was how utterly brilliant Jodhi May was.